Apr. 10th, 2005


Apr. 10th, 2005 12:29 am
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Not the Duchess of Cornwall, but my cat named Duchess. At around noon today my dad came in my room to get me saying that I needed to go check on the cat. She was meowing something fierce. Well, I looked at her and when she turned around, it looked like her water was breaking and the labor process in the beginning stages.

Well I went inside and found a box, got some newspaper, and dad offered up some old, ruined workshirts. When I came back out to her, she had run off someplace. Well I kept calling her and she came back out. After playing hide and go seek for about 15-30 mins, she finally laid down in the box. I picked the box up and took her to my bathroom.

I played the midwife, and I don't know much about bringing a life or lives into this world, but common sense should just about do it. Plus with cats, they do all the work, and I've had a cat have kittens before (but I was only ten at the time).

So at around 5 or 6 this evening, all 5 kittens were in this world. Seemingly healthy, moving around and mewing. I even had to get a bigger box and transfer them, not to mention add a litter box and dish each of food and water into a bathroom with just enough room for a hamper. Note the hamper is in the hall. I just checked on Duchess and kittens; the kittens are playing "climb and roll off mom". Of course I took some pics...ok a lot.

Duchess and Kittens )

As for Bounce and Tiny, they waited at the door like expecting fathers. I took a pic of Bounce when he came in the bathroom to look at the scene. Tiny took it a step further and poked his head into the box. There's a pic of that as well.

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