Mar. 25th, 2005

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Get over the fact that my songs are older than dirt almost, but if we all remember back in the days of pop, how innocent it supposedly was, well the cover is totally blown with some of these.

Back in the late 90's on the brink of Y2K and beyond )
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Sometimes when life is slow and nothing of real interest is going on at the moment, something strange, or just flat out weird happens here. My home must be the pinnacle of the quirky force that runs this area.

The usual ways I meet people who live on this street aren't by coming to my home and asking for a cup of sugar, flour, or anything like that. In fact if one of my neighbors came and asked for that I would have a dumbfounded look on my face. Ok so there was this one time (not at band camp) that I went to my neighbors house for a can of tuna, but my neighbor was a good family friend...that's a different story though.

So I'm doing the usual while my Dad goes to pick my Mom up from work (sitting at his computer playing the Sims), and decided that it was time to make a new creation to add to my sim family. I heard a tap on the door. First instinct told me to say "Come in." I thought it was Samantha or Will coming to the house, but reality hit me before I said anything. Samantha and Will don't normally knock before coming in, especially if the front door is open. The glass door is just a way to tease my cats...kinda like closed windows.

So I stop what I'm doing and go to the door not expecting to see a girl around my age. She's just got sock feet and sweat pants and a shirt. She asked me if she could look around in my side yard for her car keys. Her boyfriend (who's not exactly the brightest crayon in the box) threw them out of the window out of anger. I told her go ahead, and I'd even come out to help her look.

Well for about an hour we looked and I notice a guy walking down the road. Instinct told me that he wasn't exactly someone I could get along with, but suppressed my inner snottiness for my LJ-entry. He comes up and starts cussing her out, she, in turn, answers back. If these adjectives were colored, I'd have on hell of a rainbow in my yard. Basically this was a couple of hicks that were nice to others, but not to each other. I told her that honestly any man who would do something this childish (throwing her car keys out of the window) really isn't worth her time in the long run.

Yes, he found her keys in my side yard by a tree. His entire attitude towards women wasn't peachy keen, but that could have been heightened because of their drinking. Yes, they were drinking. The reason they were arguing...

She threw a pack of beer out of the window because he pissed her off. He cussed her out, she slapped him, he parked the car and threw the keys in my yard, then he walked home only to come back.

I don't know what's more exciting...people leaving an entire case of cd's on my porch (yes, this has happened, but I don't listen to rap...and I'm still puzzeled as to why there is a Kelly Clarkson single among that mix), cars that break down around midnight and then come knocking on the door and when fixed, they drive away with no headlights, the random driver who drives into the fence across the street, and especially on rainy nights...the driver of a car that falls into the ditch that is deep enough to swallow a car halfway (basically behind the drivers seat). Out of all the things I've seen, none beats today's case.

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