Mar. 2nd, 2005

God help me

Mar. 2nd, 2005 05:56 pm
celina80: (Beach)
Tomorrow I'll be hanging out with some elementary kids during music. Of course this is going to be grades K-2 I think. As usual I'll be taking notes on the happenings that I find amusing.

I applied for a job yesterday, one that I would get paid on a weekly basis. Believe me when I say that would be nice. I'm still thinking that I need to take my butt down to Lane Bryant and put in an application there too. I mean I spend enough money there a year, I should be entitled to stock shares. Ok and the fact that you get a 30% discount as an employee isn't too shabby either.

The more I keep thinking about going back to school, the more I start leaning towards becoming a PTA. I mean two years of school then I can choose to go back for another two years and a PT. It's certainly something that I need to consider. And I believe I could still do community theater while working as a PTA or a PT.

News on Zachary Knighton, if you watch American Idol be sure to look for the commercial for "Life On A Stick". The character Laz, is my second cousin, whom I don't know, but he's currently the only one I can honestly say that I'm related to in the industry. He's supposed to be on Ellen sometime...have to look into that one.

Off to find some food.

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