Feb. 16th, 2005

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My Dad was threatening(sp?) to spray me with the lysol...the green apple thing. I swear I'm allergic to it.

I can't stop sneezing and now coughing is being added to it. This sucks.

Why does this have to happen two weeks before a week in Florida and before auditions? Why?
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I'm just sitting here at my desk, feeling like crap. Sneezing has come to an all new level now. I HATE IT! It's almost like I'm constantly sneezing, and my Dad is still carrying around lysol. *rolls eyes*

Tiny was sitting in my lap, but when he starts to drool...off my lap he goes. He's in a drooling mood today and it's just not right. Also what's up with the ladybug invasion of my room? I've got two of them in here, both playing in the window.

Currently listening to my song of musical addiction at the moment...Le Jazz Hot. I want to sing this for an audition, but since I'm feeling awful I'm probably not going to be doing the audition for "Forum" on the 5th or 6th of March.

I feel another sneezing fit coming on...perhaps I should look up "flu" symptoms.
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Since I'm bored out of my mind, and trying to ignore the stabbing pains that enjoy going through my ear every now and then. All would be well in my world if I could just stop the sneezing, coughing, achyness, and make this horrid headache leave my body.

*finds a hole to crawl in*

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