Feb. 5th, 2005

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I'm am completely bored. I want to go to town, but don't want to go alone. I know that has to make sense. No money to spend, but it's just the sheer fact of getting out of this house and getting away for a while.

I'm so bored, I might just go back to sleep since there's nothing else to do.
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Sitting here realizing that I've totally wasted the day away. Now I feel kinda guilty for not getting some cleaning done. HAHA

I'm still bored, but at the same time, I can find something to do. There's always some music to be practiced. Since I'm still debating on going to next month's audition for "Forum". Still debating also if I fit in to the category of "volumptous" that can move. HAHA I don't think so. But I'm not exactly auditioning for the role of the courtesans...I want the role of Domina, the over-bearing housewife who thinks her husband is cheating on her with a courtesan.

I mean my luck of getting into plays has to end at some point correct? I've been in the past two musicals, and the opera was the first in the streak of luck. I know it can't last forever, so I'm just waiting.

Just for a side note...

I really want to try the Hibachi Grill. If it's ANYTHING close to Kanpai of Tokyo, it should be good. Plus I miss having some Japanese food every now and then. All I want is some hibachi chicken, veggies, rice and a salad, with a glass of tea. It would totally make my day.

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