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I'm leaving this journal entry public for a reason. That reason is that maybe by some chance the person who this is directed to will stumble across it while looking for his next scheme.

There are many things in life that are annoying to me, and oddly enough I tolerate them mostly because it is beyond my control and I've accepted that. Then there are things that are unforgivable. One of them is insulting my family. If you value friendship, or the word “family” even an iota, DON'T cross me on this.

Someone tonight who lives in VA called my home after a six year absence. Life is great without him being in it. As far as I'm concerned he can go back under his sacred rock and die. This man has been removed from my family along with his abominable wife. I’m leaving the kids out of it all because I believe that they’re innocent in this matter, seeing that it happened when they were really young.

My ex-uncle Butch called my household tonight; sadly I wasn’t home to see the verbal display of affection. I have heard that it was quite the display and one for the record books. Again, I’m sure that many telemarketers were silently thanking God that my Dad didn’t take it out on them. A lot of crap was said, and I have been offended beyond repair. Does this make me mad? You bet your ass it does!

Not many things can piss me off to a degree that I actually swear unless I’m joking around, and many can note the difference in my tone. This is a man who thinks that he can play God himself, or drill sergeant from hell. The last time I’ve seen him was when I was 20. At this time I wasn’t really able to fully express myself. This time…I’m older, wiser, and I’m a big girl and can handle myself when it comes to the uncle that once thought I was so sweet. Sorry to say I’m not that innocent.

For someone who has been told once to not call this family, calling again for no real reason, but wanted to talk to my Mom. It’s not going to happen. Blood is thicker than water, but once you’ve been taken out of the equation, you cannot be reinstated.

Butch, I will never call you David as you wish because I have no respect for someone who has no respect for me or my family, has decided that my family is white trailer trash. As I look around me I see a roof, nice things, and love. Love a word that he knows NOTHING about is something that he will never have. He went behind my family’s back and decided to have an estate sale of my grandparents belongings. I’m sure that he squandered the money in something frivolous like a boat in Arizona. For him to call my family hicks…Now at least my Mom has raised both of her girls to have respect for their parents. Unlike someone that I know of. His wife, Brooke who I have NEVER called Aunt because she is a bitch, came down here when my grandfather had a heart attack and wore skirts that were so short that she flashed everyone in the waiting room a look at her turquoise panties. At least she was wearing them for heaven sakes. But hicks? I know some hicks and sorry honey I ain’t one yet. I’ve graduated high school, and I currently carry a 3.5 gpa, been on the Dean’s and Presidents Lists….tell me I’m a hick to my face.

I’ve already told my parents that if the ass calls here and I answer it… I’m going off on him. I’m over him, and I will not tolerate the defamation of my family’s character, nor will I tolerate my Dad being threatened by a man that just needs to grow the fuck up! His seemingly royal bullshit will not be tolerated here and if he dare shows his face on this property, I will be forced to call the cops and tell them that a large piece of excrement is in my yard, please bring a tow truck and officer to remove it.

Thank you and good night….

No love from your darling niece,


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