Odd dream

Sep. 30th, 2003 05:12 pm
celina80: (I Gotta Get Out)
Can anyone interpret dreams? If so, I got one for ya.

It starts off with me talking on the phone to my friend Erica. I can hear her talking to her boyfriend in the background, and when I hang up with her she's there in the room with me. She's talking on the phone to someone and when she hangs up I say, "I forgot to ask you about Isabel." Erica, "I was out of school for five days." Me, "Why? What happened?" Erica, "Because Mom didn't want to be alone." Me, "Oh." We continue talking when the phone rings again and my Dad answers it. He yells for me to come here, I go and he tells me that it's Pop Pop, and he wants to know where his keys are. I'm excited to talk to him, and I say, "Hi Pop Pop." And then he says in his gentle, tired voice, "it's Pop Pop." Then I wake up because the phone rang and it was my Mom.

Anyway most of you might know that my grandfather died nearly three or four years ago. It's kinda spooky if you ask me. But I could hear his voice so clearly like he was there in my room. It's just odd.

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