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Birthdate:Jun 10
Location:South Dakota, United States of America
Website:The Mezzo Siren
What is there to tell about me that you cannot find out by reading the journal? I'm a singer, dreamer, music lover extraordinaire, and common sense user.

My simplistic basics are the sheer fact that I currently live in the "glorious" state of Tennessee. Seriously hoping to change that soon one day. I’m very much a democrat...well I listen to both sides and almost 99% of the time I side with a democrat. Yes, I'm living in the wrong state for that. I abhor the Vols football team, especially Phil Fulmer, and absolutely adore it when they lose.

I'm opinionated, but don't think that I'm the best. At least I do admit when I'm wrong…sometimes. I'm bold enough to say that I know that there will always be someone better than I am at something, and yes, I can accept that fact.

Under normal circumstances I post about whatever is on my mind, rants, goals, what I'm up to and even the randomness of the occasional meme.

Currently going back to college for a degree in Elementary Education. It's quite a few years late, but better late than never. Now in three and a half years, I have no clue where exactly I'll be heading.
So if you're still up to the task of befriending me, go right on ahead. I'm just a girl who has big dreams, and realistic goals.

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