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I can't burn cd's anymore. It's either my cd burner or it's somehow the HP cd-r's. Honestly...I think it's the latter. Simply because I hate HP.
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The kittens are three weeks old today and they tend to like catnip. I don't think that they should have the stuff, but then you have a mother cat who adores it...nip's going to happen.

The kittens gender isn't 5 males. More like 2 females and 3 males. They're walking pretty good, but they're still rather small I think. Then again that could simply be because the mother is a small cat and the father is well..average I guess.

I need to update the kitten pics, since I didn't do the two weeks old photo op. But now that they're exploring beyond the box, it's now time to observe their behavior and possibly name them.

Pics coming soon.
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I have to say it...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [livejournal.com profile] whiisper!!!

Card is in the mail, and address is in my address book officially.

Happy birthday chica.


Apr. 28th, 2005 05:11 pm
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I was in Walmart today, just browsing around aimlessly, when I happened to notice the postcards. A thought dawned on me and well I remembered the postcard I got from Cat when she was in Savannah; it got me thinking about how fun it would be to get postcards from friends...eventhough we're not on vacation. Granted it shocked the hell out of me that Maryville even had postcards at all actually.

So I bought some, none of Maryville, but instead of the mountains, or animals such as "El Bandito" who I get a visit from on a near nightly basis.

Basically, I thought it would be different and it would let us see what it's like where someone else lives. Plus postcards can actually be fun...it's a pasttime that's probably close to being forgotten.

What do you all think?
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A LOT of memes, you have been warned )
Some of these made me laugh...and some made me stop an think.

Question...is it a bad thing that I can remember going to Silver Dollar City BEFORE it was bought by Dolly Parton and named Dollywood?
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American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Honolulu

60% Atlanta

60% Miami

60% Seattle

55% Austin

I find this interesting...Honolulu. I SO would not fit in there. I mean I'm seriously pale aka white. I'm so pale I blind myself in sunlight. Ok, so maybe I'm not that bad, but sheesh, I think I'd stick out like a sore thumb there.

I'm back

Apr. 24th, 2005 12:13 pm
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I got back in from Florida last night, and was too exhausted to hop online to check email and all that jazz. I had a pretty good time in Daytona, weather was beautiful all four days I was there, and no the parentals didn't find a house.

For the first time in my nearly 25 years of life did I see a gator. Yes people I am a proud see-er of a gator. It looked small, and it was minding it's own business watching the cars on their way to and from Kennedy. Also got to see what a bridge does for big boats...oddly enough I've never seen a bridge open before. I took a pic, yes at the same time I'm a tourist.

On the way to Daytona, we went through St. Augustine. I LOVE the homes near/on the water. If those homes could talk, they would be able to write books. I had never been to or through St. Augustine, but it's a place that would be full of history I'm sure.

What I didn't expect to see was the damage that still remains nearly a year after the last hurricane. Daytona Beach must have been hit pretty damn hard. Hotels that I knew were there two years ago, were nothing but leveled sand with the reminders of what once was. I took pics of the hotels with damage. The room I was staying in still had some damage, but was renovated enough to have guests. For those of you who are curious where I was staying...it was 1615 Atlantic Ave. Inn on the Beach. I LOVE that place, and I don't know why. I'll have to post my pics later.

I walked the beach everyday. I'd walk from my hotel nearly three quarters of a mile to the halfway point from my place to the main street pier. So round trip...I walked one and a half miles on the beach.

So I come home and it's COLD! There is something seriously wrong with leaving 80 degree weather and coming back to the possiblity of snow and 45 degree weather. The possible move date is sometime this summer. And I'll have another update to tell the potential living conditions that WILL make me move out ASAP.

EDIT: I'd like to say happy birthday to the lovely Miss Riley [livejournal.com profile] rileyd84. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICA!!!!
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Currently sitting here knowing that I had planned on going to Walmart today, but now I won't because it's a bit late for that. I'd do it tomorrow, but I'll be at William Blount subbing again. I think WB has something for calling me when I've CLEARLY stated that I don't do well with high schoolers because it wasn't that long ago I was there, only not "there".

I have a bathing suit that has eluded all attempts at being found. It's a one piece but looks like a tankini. Looks like it'll be the tankini (yes I actually own a two-piece that meets) coming with me.

Took some pictures of the kittens today. They have their individual shots. I didn't take a pic of them looking at me, because of their eyes. But I'm sure that more pics will be coming soon, since they're getting to the point of nearly walking. It looks more of a bounce to me, but it's a start.

Ok, I'm going to tear through the bottom of the closet looking for that damned bathing suit. I KNOW it's here somewhere.
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Today is basically just another day for the moment. I was told yesterday that there is a great possibility that I will NOT be going to Florida next week. I'm ok with it. I'm slightly suffering from the same headache that I had last night. I swear they like me, but don't want to leave me.

For some strange reason I've been listening to NSync here lately. I'm starting to frighten myself, but certain songs that I hear bring back the hilarity that was 1998-2001. In those three years, I ran a website with the help of some lovely chicas, that I still talk to today. Of course we're no longer the teens or the 20 and 21 year olds. I remember buying MSN for a trial offer just to get soundcheck party passes for the Atlanta NSync concert on August 11, 2001. I also canceled MSN the day after I came back from Atlanta. I remember hanging out with my friends and planning on how we were going to sneak backstage. Yet, we never did sneak backstage for NSync, we did that for 98 Degrees. Looking back that was kinda stupid...we had tickets.

Oh to be 18 again with the knowledge that I have now. I'd seriously be smart. HAHA Ok maybe not.

Now I have to ask myself am I thinking this way because in two months I'll be 25? Seriously...25, and what to show? I've been in an opera and two musicals...that's it. Ok and I'm still the same person I was when I was 18, just not as naive as I once was. My attitude has changed, and my life has changed since then.

So all in all, I guess the reason for listening to NSync is to bring back the good times that I remember. The friendships that formed, the ones that fell apart, the one that was built on lies, the enormous amount of money spent on photos (tickets, concert attire, hair and nails, and even the random NSync related memorabilia). Wow...I was rather fake in those three years, just not really.

Well this was a random post of the scary nature.
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Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

25% Dixie

5% Yankee

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

Well at least I'm seemingly normal...I think anyway.


Apr. 10th, 2005 12:29 am
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Not the Duchess of Cornwall, but my cat named Duchess. At around noon today my dad came in my room to get me saying that I needed to go check on the cat. She was meowing something fierce. Well, I looked at her and when she turned around, it looked like her water was breaking and the labor process in the beginning stages.

Well I went inside and found a box, got some newspaper, and dad offered up some old, ruined workshirts. When I came back out to her, she had run off someplace. Well I kept calling her and she came back out. After playing hide and go seek for about 15-30 mins, she finally laid down in the box. I picked the box up and took her to my bathroom.

I played the midwife, and I don't know much about bringing a life or lives into this world, but common sense should just about do it. Plus with cats, they do all the work, and I've had a cat have kittens before (but I was only ten at the time).

So at around 5 or 6 this evening, all 5 kittens were in this world. Seemingly healthy, moving around and mewing. I even had to get a bigger box and transfer them, not to mention add a litter box and dish each of food and water into a bathroom with just enough room for a hamper. Note the hamper is in the hall. I just checked on Duchess and kittens; the kittens are playing "climb and roll off mom". Of course I took some pics...ok a lot.

Duchess and Kittens )

As for Bounce and Tiny, they waited at the door like expecting fathers. I took a pic of Bounce when he came in the bathroom to look at the scene. Tiny took it a step further and poked his head into the box. There's a pic of that as well.
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I have some pics of my hair dried naturally.

Beware of the waves/curls )

The other day my Mom pointed out that the trees looked orange. I grabbed my camera, went outside and took pictures. Here are the fruits of that photo shoot.

Foothills of Tennessee Sunset )
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Today has been one of those days that I KNOW it's spring not by looking outside, or by the fact that the windows are open in the house, but by the sheer fact that I have a slight sinus headache.

It is actually a pretty day today. Warm with a breeze so no complaints about that. My only complaint is the wasps. I hate those things with a mad passion, and I hate them more when they decide to fly into the house and get lost and constantly run into the windows looking for a way out. I've seen one fly into the ceiling fan once and get knocked across the room. That I found sadistically amusing.

I got a package in the mail today. It's another book on my family, but much easier to read. It doesn't have the family stories like the other one does, but it has the family listed in order. It's quite interesting. I'm even listed in this book, granted my name is spelled wrong and last time I checked I was NOT born on June 16, 1980. They have me listed as Nicole Michelle born June 16, 1980. Now for the difference... Nichole Michele born June 10, 1980. Still the same, it's quite fun to see the naming patterns of people. I feel as if I've gone as far as I can on my Grandmother's mother's side. Now for the fun of finding information about my grandmother's father just for the fun of it. Overall, I'm satisfied.

Now it's time to go off and find something to get into, be it right or wrong.
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The rain will not stop. My room is not nearly clean enough to make me happy about it. And I'm bored. Thought that I'd share.

Perhaps an update that made have to use the "thinking process" later.
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I went back to the doctor today after the fright I had last night. I originally went to the doctor on Wednesday, and had two meds and a cough syrup to take for my sinus problems. After five days, it brought me to Easter Sunday. I felt pretty good that day. We had the windows open overall it was nice...then the storms came and brought a cold front with them.

My family forgot to put the heat back on until Early Tuesday morning it got below 50 degrees in my home. For some reason my body temp dropped and I couldn't get warm enough. I stayed in bed as long as I could trying to get warm. I sat up and became dizzy, but didn't pay attention to it. All day I couldn't get warm then I would get too warm, but at the same time if I moved too fast I got dizzy. Yesterday I had a mini pizza, three grapes, and about four bites of lasagna and a diet pepsi to drink. That was all, all day.

At about four the pressure in my head got so bad that I ended up crying for no reason. I couldn't breathe properly, as in take a deep breath without feeling like I was going to start a serious case of coughing. So from about 4pm till 4am, I was running a fever of about 99.7. Still having the dizzy spells and shortness of breath add the sinus pressure with a headache. I was not happy.

Why I slept on my living room floor )

So today the reason I went back to the doctor...I kept getting extremely hot. I kept saying this makes no sense, I'm too young for hot flashes. So at around 11:00am I was on my way back to the doctor, my Dad kept asking me did I want to go? Mom had said last night that I was going whether I wanted to or not.

For those of you who want to know what's wrong with me. I have/had a strong thing of sinusitis/bronchitis. The bronchitis is something that's been "going around", and the sinus thing...well it's a twice a year issue for me. But I should be back to normal (well normal for me) in about three to four days, but I have a ten day supply of meds to make sure that it's gone for good this time.
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Today was a rather nice day. I'm still trying to figure out why on nice days I want to clean. Anyway...

Every Easter my Mom buys gifts. It all stems back to the Easter bunny charade. So yeah, I FINALLY got my copy of Finding Neverland. But I have not taken it out of the shrink wrap yet. As a little surprise, I got a stuffed animal. I have a serious collection of them, some date as old as 25 years! This bunny looks like a marble. It's cute and interesting.

As the day went on, the weather decided to become angsty. Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings came, along with the possiblity of Tornadoes. I was home alone at the time, didn't know about the tornado chances, but considering the warm weather from earlier and a cold front coming in. I've learned from being afraid of tornadoes for so long to know when the conditions are right. Well...now there's just rain.

I broke my necklace today. I thought something was crawling down my neck, later I figured it was my butterfly charm falling back to place. Sadly I don't have the money to replace said chain, granted it came from Wal-Mart, it was sterling silver and cost around 5 to 7 bucks. I guess when I've got some extra money lying around I'll replace it.

Speaking of necklaces...Samantha is currently my little walking display of beaded necklaces that I make in spare time. I made an anklet too small for me and too big to be a bracelet. So I gave it to Samantha who, oddly enough, liked it. She also liked the necklace that I made too small for myself. So now her bestfriend Monica wants the same design anklet, and necklace. Then Samantha's cousins Jessica and Kristin also want a necklace. Honestly, I thought that the popularity of those things went out a while ago. Perhaps I was wrong?

Oh yeah, Monica also had Samantha relay some information to me. She said that I should make a sell them. HAHAHA! To think I made the first one many years ago and I did that only because at that time the ones that were made didn't fit me. In the long run it was easier to buy cord, clasps and beads and make my own.

Granted I don't think I'll be taking orders anytime soon...I've still got two more necklaces to make. But if someone actually wanted one, I'd probably do it. HAHA I'm not that evil.


Mar. 26th, 2005 08:44 pm
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Today is my Dad's birthday, he's 63, and doesn't act it and I don't think that he looks it.

As I type this, I've got a ladybug in my room again. I found a lot of them yesterday during that key throwing adventure. So yes, the infestation has begun...again.

Dyed some eggs tonight. I don't eat boiled eggs, but I like to dye them. One year with my sister we "blew" the eggs, and I giggled the whole time. If you've never done that, you should, it's like making a keepsake egg. Every year I get a little color happy with the dye and usually make what has been known to be called a suicide egg (dipped in all five or six colors). I didn't this year, instead relying on my art skills (or lack thereof) to make my dyed eggs. Colors this year are: Mango (coral), seafoam green, and royal blurpal (blue and purple), I had rose, but it decided to go back to a shade darker on the pink side. I guess pink and green really don't mix well.

Look at my creations )

Out of evilness I took a pic of Tiny and Bounce. Seriously they've got to be the most photgraphed cats that I know of. HAHA

My babies Bounce and Tiny )

And now my friends, it's time to listen to some musica.
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Sometimes when life is slow and nothing of real interest is going on at the moment, something strange, or just flat out weird happens here. My home must be the pinnacle of the quirky force that runs this area.

The usual ways I meet people who live on this street aren't by coming to my home and asking for a cup of sugar, flour, or anything like that. In fact if one of my neighbors came and asked for that I would have a dumbfounded look on my face. Ok so there was this one time (not at band camp) that I went to my neighbors house for a can of tuna, but my neighbor was a good family friend...that's a different story though.

So I'm doing the usual while my Dad goes to pick my Mom up from work (sitting at his computer playing the Sims), and decided that it was time to make a new creation to add to my sim family. I heard a tap on the door. First instinct told me to say "Come in." I thought it was Samantha or Will coming to the house, but reality hit me before I said anything. Samantha and Will don't normally knock before coming in, especially if the front door is open. The glass door is just a way to tease my cats...kinda like closed windows.

So I stop what I'm doing and go to the door not expecting to see a girl around my age. She's just got sock feet and sweat pants and a shirt. She asked me if she could look around in my side yard for her car keys. Her boyfriend (who's not exactly the brightest crayon in the box) threw them out of the window out of anger. I told her go ahead, and I'd even come out to help her look.

Well for about an hour we looked and I notice a guy walking down the road. Instinct told me that he wasn't exactly someone I could get along with, but suppressed my inner snottiness for my LJ-entry. He comes up and starts cussing her out, she, in turn, answers back. If these adjectives were colored, I'd have on hell of a rainbow in my yard. Basically this was a couple of hicks that were nice to others, but not to each other. I told her that honestly any man who would do something this childish (throwing her car keys out of the window) really isn't worth her time in the long run.

Yes, he found her keys in my side yard by a tree. His entire attitude towards women wasn't peachy keen, but that could have been heightened because of their drinking. Yes, they were drinking. The reason they were arguing...

She threw a pack of beer out of the window because he pissed her off. He cussed her out, she slapped him, he parked the car and threw the keys in my yard, then he walked home only to come back.

I don't know what's more exciting...people leaving an entire case of cd's on my porch (yes, this has happened, but I don't listen to rap...and I'm still puzzeled as to why there is a Kelly Clarkson single among that mix), cars that break down around midnight and then come knocking on the door and when fixed, they drive away with no headlights, the random driver who drives into the fence across the street, and especially on rainy nights...the driver of a car that falls into the ditch that is deep enough to swallow a car halfway (basically behind the drivers seat). Out of all the things I've seen, none beats today's case.
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Get over the fact that my songs are older than dirt almost, but if we all remember back in the days of pop, how innocent it supposedly was, well the cover is totally blown with some of these.

Back in the late 90's on the brink of Y2K and beyond )
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Oddly enough not for the same reasons as usuall either. I'm sick. This time it's more than my allergies, granted I KNOW they've got a part in it. I'm coughing and when I do the right side of my chest hurts, even hurts to breathe sometimes. Hurts on the right side of my back too...upper area to go along with the chest.

There has been some talk of taking me to the doctor, but I insist that I'll be fine. I was sick for three days last night and no one thought of taking me to a doctor then so why now right?

I'm too tired to sleep, and yet at the same time I'm not sleepy. I want to go to a doctor, but figure if I can wait till next week I'll have some money in, granted I can't pay my credit card bill and go to the doctor too. So I'll probably wait it out, it might go away in three days like last time. Who knows?

Just thought that I'd share my bit of information.

To the friends list )
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