Apr. 6th, 2005

celina80: (I Spy)
Today has been one of those days that I KNOW it's spring not by looking outside, or by the fact that the windows are open in the house, but by the sheer fact that I have a slight sinus headache.

It is actually a pretty day today. Warm with a breeze so no complaints about that. My only complaint is the wasps. I hate those things with a mad passion, and I hate them more when they decide to fly into the house and get lost and constantly run into the windows looking for a way out. I've seen one fly into the ceiling fan once and get knocked across the room. That I found sadistically amusing.

I got a package in the mail today. It's another book on my family, but much easier to read. It doesn't have the family stories like the other one does, but it has the family listed in order. It's quite interesting. I'm even listed in this book, granted my name is spelled wrong and last time I checked I was NOT born on June 16, 1980. They have me listed as Nicole Michelle born June 16, 1980. Now for the difference... Nichole Michele born June 10, 1980. Still the same, it's quite fun to see the naming patterns of people. I feel as if I've gone as far as I can on my Grandmother's mother's side. Now for the fun of finding information about my grandmother's father just for the fun of it. Overall, I'm satisfied.

Now it's time to go off and find something to get into, be it right or wrong.

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