Mar. 29th, 2005

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I went back to the doctor today after the fright I had last night. I originally went to the doctor on Wednesday, and had two meds and a cough syrup to take for my sinus problems. After five days, it brought me to Easter Sunday. I felt pretty good that day. We had the windows open overall it was nice...then the storms came and brought a cold front with them.

My family forgot to put the heat back on until Early Tuesday morning it got below 50 degrees in my home. For some reason my body temp dropped and I couldn't get warm enough. I stayed in bed as long as I could trying to get warm. I sat up and became dizzy, but didn't pay attention to it. All day I couldn't get warm then I would get too warm, but at the same time if I moved too fast I got dizzy. Yesterday I had a mini pizza, three grapes, and about four bites of lasagna and a diet pepsi to drink. That was all, all day.

At about four the pressure in my head got so bad that I ended up crying for no reason. I couldn't breathe properly, as in take a deep breath without feeling like I was going to start a serious case of coughing. So from about 4pm till 4am, I was running a fever of about 99.7. Still having the dizzy spells and shortness of breath add the sinus pressure with a headache. I was not happy.

Why I slept on my living room floor )

So today the reason I went back to the doctor...I kept getting extremely hot. I kept saying this makes no sense, I'm too young for hot flashes. So at around 11:00am I was on my way back to the doctor, my Dad kept asking me did I want to go? Mom had said last night that I was going whether I wanted to or not.

For those of you who want to know what's wrong with me. I have/had a strong thing of sinusitis/bronchitis. The bronchitis is something that's been "going around", and the sinus thing...well it's a twice a year issue for me. But I should be back to normal (well normal for me) in about three to four days, but I have a ten day supply of meds to make sure that it's gone for good this time.

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