Mar. 27th, 2005

celina80: (I Gotta Get Out)
Today was a rather nice day. I'm still trying to figure out why on nice days I want to clean. Anyway...

Every Easter my Mom buys gifts. It all stems back to the Easter bunny charade. So yeah, I FINALLY got my copy of Finding Neverland. But I have not taken it out of the shrink wrap yet. As a little surprise, I got a stuffed animal. I have a serious collection of them, some date as old as 25 years! This bunny looks like a marble. It's cute and interesting.

As the day went on, the weather decided to become angsty. Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings came, along with the possiblity of Tornadoes. I was home alone at the time, didn't know about the tornado chances, but considering the warm weather from earlier and a cold front coming in. I've learned from being afraid of tornadoes for so long to know when the conditions are right. there's just rain.

I broke my necklace today. I thought something was crawling down my neck, later I figured it was my butterfly charm falling back to place. Sadly I don't have the money to replace said chain, granted it came from Wal-Mart, it was sterling silver and cost around 5 to 7 bucks. I guess when I've got some extra money lying around I'll replace it.

Speaking of necklaces...Samantha is currently my little walking display of beaded necklaces that I make in spare time. I made an anklet too small for me and too big to be a bracelet. So I gave it to Samantha who, oddly enough, liked it. She also liked the necklace that I made too small for myself. So now her bestfriend Monica wants the same design anklet, and necklace. Then Samantha's cousins Jessica and Kristin also want a necklace. Honestly, I thought that the popularity of those things went out a while ago. Perhaps I was wrong?

Oh yeah, Monica also had Samantha relay some information to me. She said that I should make a sell them. HAHAHA! To think I made the first one many years ago and I did that only because at that time the ones that were made didn't fit me. In the long run it was easier to buy cord, clasps and beads and make my own.

Granted I don't think I'll be taking orders anytime soon...I've still got two more necklaces to make. But if someone actually wanted one, I'd probably do it. HAHA I'm not that evil.

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