Mar. 22nd, 2005

celina80: (Beach)
Oddly enough not for the same reasons as usuall either. I'm sick. This time it's more than my allergies, granted I KNOW they've got a part in it. I'm coughing and when I do the right side of my chest hurts, even hurts to breathe sometimes. Hurts on the right side of my back too...upper area to go along with the chest.

There has been some talk of taking me to the doctor, but I insist that I'll be fine. I was sick for three days last night and no one thought of taking me to a doctor then so why now right?

I'm too tired to sleep, and yet at the same time I'm not sleepy. I want to go to a doctor, but figure if I can wait till next week I'll have some money in, granted I can't pay my credit card bill and go to the doctor too. So I'll probably wait it out, it might go away in three days like last time. Who knows?

Just thought that I'd share my bit of information.

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