Mar. 12th, 2005

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Well to those of you who care...which would be possibly one or two at most.

I didn't get a phone call.

I'm a bit saddened, but I knew it was going to be this way. I'm just "chorus" material and that's all. Just don't let me speak, only sing (with a group) and all will be fine.

Perhaps I am destined to only be stage filler? My luck has officially run out. My father has won.

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Just now I thought how funny/strange the word brink is. It's the sound it makes when it's pronounced. Kind of reminds me of the day in elementary school we learned about the words with "oin". Oin is basically the sound a cartooned spring being sprung would make. Oh my gosh I'm sorry...lack of sleep will do this.

Earlier today I was told by Mom (please note that I'm still half asleep) that she was going to the doctors. I remember asking what was wrong, but only heard the door shut. That was around 9:30 this morning. My parents didn't come back until nearly 7 tonight. Come to find out Mom's culprit for the hospital visit today was because of a kidney stone. Basically nothing you can do for it, but let that bad boy pass. Word of note...Mom said that she understands what Pop Pop said about them, and she adds that they hurt worse than childbirth. I looked at her and said, "Well at least now I know that having a child will be less painful then passing a kidney stone." Hey, never know information like that could come in handy.

Talked to my sister more than I have in a very long time. We decided that it would be fun to go to Victoria's Secret, well the outlet mall in Sevierville. I have to agree with her on that. It would be fun to have a sister day out, but it won't happen because well...she never seems to have time. I'd love to have a "girls night out" with her, but as I've said before...not enough time for that.


I played the Sims today and found out how to get my dragon I wanted. I liked them so much, I have two. Torch and Burnie. HAHAHAHA!!!! Torch set the plants on fire...twice, and Burnie plays with Torch. Let's just say that Burnie hasn't set anything on fire as of yet. Now I'm trying to figure out what exactly do the dragons eat besides "dragon treats".

Also found another game that I used my "demo version" up on. It's called Tradewinds. Cute game, reminds me A LOT like Oregon Trail on how it's set up. Of course Oregon trail is very old in computer game standards, especially on graphics. But Tradewinds is kind of set in the same fashion, you choose a player (trial version has a business man and a pirate, who is a female). You're journey is logged for you. You start out with 3,000 gold pieces and you buy, sell, and I think trade goods. But as you sail from port to port you can run into pirate ships who you can choose to battle or try to out run. It's really cute and fun. I might actually buy the full version to "unlock" it when I've got a spare $20.

Now tomorrow I hope to venture out of this house and to Walmart to breathe Walmart's air for a while. HAHAHAHA!

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