Mar. 4th, 2005

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I enjoyed working with the fifth grade today. Granted everything was laid out for me and I didn't really have all that much to do. But I have a question to ask all of the friends list...

Remember back when you were in school (not college) and you were on field trips, did you or someone you know ever act up? Example would be cuss in public while no teacher was around, while on the bus write messages on paper and put them up for passerbys to read just to see reactions, or even flip-off passerbys just to see the reaction it would cause?

Well something happened today with a student who supposedly flipped off a guy while the bus went from the library to Cici's Pizza (ick). This guy was blond, with an orange UT sweatshirt on. He followed the bus from the library, to Midland (it's an old shopping place of sorts kind of like a "ghost mall"), then started running along side of the bus. With everything that's been going on here lately with the school system it was kind of freaky.

Needless to say... the guy got ahold of the other teacher on the bus after she got off and said that a student flipped him off. His face was red as a could be and really shown off the platinum blond hair he had. Not to mention it didn't compliment the sweatshirt.

Now the teacher, of course, was livid. Told the accused student that he couldn't do anything but eat while at Cici's, and was going to go to the Principal's Office upon returning to school.

Now if the guy had come up to me, I'd have to start laughing. Seriously, they're 10 and 11 year olds, they're not angels. Big deal one of them flipped you off. If an adult were to do that would you have chased them down and had words? Please, this guy couldn't have been too much older than myself, and he got that offended by a child. God help the day that an adult offends him. Proof that some adults have much to learn.

Now as for the student accused. He claimed that he didn't do it. Continued this for the entire time, and was even brought to tears. The teacher didn't want to believe him or even give him an ounce of her time. Personally I think she's just an old bat set in her ways. He was more than likely suspended and can no longer go on any field trips with the grade anymore. All because he "supposedly" flipped off a passerby. I understand the "no tolerance" thing, and I even understand that there is a code of conduct that must be shown, but seriously. No one saw him do this. Not me or old bat was around to see it, we were in the front of the bus, so it was a complete stranger versus a student.

Still I think that some people need to take a chill pill, others need to learn about reasonable doubt, and for the others that are so easily offended...they need to just grow up.

That's my personal story for the day. So for the record, let it show that I'm using the "cat bird" icon.

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