Feb. 27th, 2005

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I think I've finally finished tracing my family history. Minus the fact that I don't know who Philena Chewning married, but I just know she had a daughter named Laura Chewning who married a Charles Woolfrey or Wolfrey...they had my Great Grandmother.

But on my Mom's mother's side I can trace it back to 1636 when the first Chewning came to America. Then they were called Chowning. Including the marriage of my parents, it goes back 13 generations. Included in them is the man who owned the plantation Mount View, aka The Chewning Farm located in the Wilderness where the Battle of the Wilderness was fought during the Civil War.

On my Mom's father's side I can trace it back to John Price the Pioneer. It stated that he was from the most eastern of the India Islands of Barbados. Funny thing...I've not seen a bit of Indian in the lineage. Ok besides the fact that there is a child named Anger, that could be a clue. So including the marriage of my parents, it goes back 10 generations.

I have found my links to the Civil War, so if I wanted to I could apply to become a part of the Daughters of the Confederacy. I wonder what there is for people who know of family that was in the Revolutionary War? Yep, I found them too.

I feel like I've unraveled a mystery of my family. Of course I'm still looking into my great grandfather. I found out that he worked as a Boilermaker in a Navy Yard. So, little by little I'm finding information out about my own family.

As for my father's side...Since my great grandparents were orphans, I doubt that I have any clues beyond them. Even then it starts to get rather messy. But...it's the thrill of the search.
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I can't bear to watch the Oscars anymore. I'm tired of hearing Beyonce's warbling. Who honestly thought that her phrasing was good enough for something of an operatic standard? Personally, her phrasing sucked. I've done better, and I don't have the full vocal range she has. As for the Phantom song…I don't know if she sings it on the cd or not, but honestly I'm sick of seeing her, hearing about her, and the only thing I enjoyed with her in it was Destiny's Child. Granted they should be re-named "Beyonce and friends". But the POTO song, yes it's beautiful, I mean COME ON it's going to be because Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote it. I'm almost certain it would sound even better if it were actually pronounced instead of half-assing it. Use the pipes but forget the rips that she enjoys so much. Beautiful music doesn't have to be fancied up like a cheap slut, sometimes the most simplistic of music is beautiful.

I have said enough…for now.

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