Feb. 1st, 2005

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If you've ever seen the cartoon series "Recess" and you've seen how they portray the kindergarten class as savages...I'll have to admit that's actually extremely funny to me now. In a strange way...it's true.

Day started off not too bad, I had an assistant with me until 11. Worked on the letter R and r. Of course it's no longer printing like I once knew, but instead the denelian that I learned in first or second grade. If you have no clue what denelian writing is, it's where everything has a "tail" on it, or better yet the step before cursive.

I wasn't in the normal kindergarten class though...I was in the class that basically needs that extra push, the ones that aren't quite up to par with the rest. While they had their moments of sweetness, others it was a living nightmare.

During their recess time, after they were taught a little bit about Tennessee, how it has three parts (that they had to color in; and found out what part of TN they live in), and TN's state flower (the iris, and THAT had to be colored in correctly using purple and green).

I took some notes on their behavior while they had indoor recess. Here is what I found out:

Recess Observations )

I hope that was actually enjoyable, because oddly enough, I think today I learned a little bit about myself through a little group of 12 5 and 6 year olds. I learned something that I forgot about myself...how to pretend in a world that is too quick to forget what it's like to be a child, and too quick to want to "grow up".

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