Jan. 28th, 2005

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Tired to fix a new layout and LJ is being evil to me. Oddly enough this doesn't surprise me. *pokes LJ with a stick*

Anyway, job update. Do I think I have a job? Nope. I never try to get my hopes up. I've been rejected by so many jobs, I could start a LOVELY collection of the letter and names of companies I've never heard from again. Shall I count the names? No I'll need more webspace than allowed. Kidding.

The job actually works with ebay in a sense. If offered the job I would work with the auto part of it all. I'd end up being the "middle man" from the seller to the buyer of an automobile. Basically the buyer wins the auction, and I would make the arrangements for the transport from the seller to the buyer. I'd also be calling people who wanted quotes, and what not. I'd also be writing out emails to people. Something like 100-150 quotes a day.

To be honest...it sounds fun. HAHA

But we will see if I get to add their name to the board of rejections or not. HAHA
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Yes! I've been rejected from yet ANOTHER job again. I swear do I need to look my age or older or something? I don't get it. Perhaps I'm seriously mean to only deal with pizzas for the rest of my life. I don't know. Looks like I'll be taking my butt back down to Food Lion and talking to a man that is extremely hard to find. Normally when I do, everything has been filled.

Job hunting has officially become the depression sport of the times.

To all of you that have jobs...I actually envy you in a way. You're making money, money that I don't currently have much of. I don't have the pleasure of going out to dinner with friends (if I had any to actually want to go anywhere with me), can't go out and buy what I want for the sake of buying it, I can't even save up for college to get a degree, and most of all I can't pay my own bills unless I borrow money from my parents.

Not surprising if I say that I'm not in the best of moods at the moment.
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I would like to wish [livejournal.com profile] swishnflick a HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICA!

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