Jan. 17th, 2005

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I'm sitting here freezing because it's only 26 here. Granted I know a few of you have it much worse than I do and some of you...well are where it's warmer than it is anywhere else.

Yesterday I FINALLY framed my posters from Bye Bye Birdie, and Meet Me In St. Louis. Now I have to add the final touches on it and it will be finished. Although I have NO wall space for them anywhere. That kinda sucks.

I was thinking last night that it's been ten years since I joined marching band. I was wrong. It's been eleven. It's been ten years since I've marched the Phantom show. If I can I'll post some pics of the uniform.

Funny thing about that uniform, it was a short maroon skirt with silver sequins to trim the bottom, and a silver sequined jacket with a frog closure, black leotard, black tights, and black mary jane style guard shoes. Scary yes, but when running across the field those skirts would rise up. And it's a proven face that men have a thing with girls in a schoolgirl type attire. Granted it's a guard uniform, but still the thought was funny. I still have the uniform in a box. If I get a chance I'll scan some band pics (whoa those pics are ten years old now) and if I can find it, I'll take a pic of the uniform.

That's enough from me. Enjoy the rest of your day friends!
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Since I have yet to find a good pic of me wearing this uniform, I decided to pull it out of a box and take some pics of it.

The Uniform )

The Jacket aka silver sequin shedder )

The Skirt )

Also the entire outfit was bought at Walmart. Yes friends, I said Walmart. Including some of the guard materials used that year for the flags. Too bad we didn't think about a credit thing through them HAHAHA. Kidding, but all of the material and trimmings came from Walmart the summer of 95.

EDIT: The blue background in the pics is my comforter. It's cobalt blue not purple. And if you happen to notice the cat hair...ignore it.

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