Jan. 13th, 2005

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I'm just sitting here, yes Ronnie I know the room should take first priority..it's not, but I've into the depths of my music collection to find an NSync cd. I'm kinda laughing here. It's not that I'm trying to figure out WHY I was into them, but more like you can hear how dated the music is. But we all know that any true fan knows damn well if they got back together tomorrow and started selling tickets to a reunion concert that they'd go stand in line. I'll be one of the ones in-line...well wait. I've never waited in a line for tickets. I've only had three phones going at one time.

Ok now that THAT'S over with for the moment...

Today is just another day in my books. NO phone call from Walmart yet. The hospital has rejected me yet again, and I've got to admit if rejection shows that you are popular...they adore me then. The Hilton is annoying the living hell out of me simply because let's keep advertising the front desk position, yet let's totally ignore the fact that an applicant keeps calling and gets lame ass excuses. Yeah. All I'm asking for is an interview, not a whole lot to ask there. Honestly, how hard is it to type data entry WHEN IT'S ALREADY PROGRAMMED IN...middle schoolers can do it. Sorry I don't have a paper saying that I know how to turn on a computer. How many people working there actually know more about a computer than a typewriter.

Wait I can't diss the typewriter. That's what I learned to type on. Then retook the class in high school because guidance said that since they moved to using computers everyone needed to take software tools. Funny how that became the class for all beginning typers.

Any crap enough about the lack of job opps (McDonalds doesn't count) in the area. I did go get fingerprinted today for the subbing that I'll start next month. I also met with a family friend that I've know since high school. I was in band with his daughter. He told me that I need to get on with the "Friends" after school program. I told him that I did that in 98 after high school while I was in college, but I think I've done something to cause them not to like me. But it's been 7 years...perhaps it's water under the bridge now?

Ok I've typed enough now, I'm off to pick up where I've stopped.
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Two years ago I joined Livejournal. I had a different name then, but I've also taken all of my journal entries with me when I moved.

My two year mark was actually yesterday. I just thought about it today. HAHAHA

Thought that I'd share.

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