Jan. 10th, 2005

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Sorry about my mood here lately. It seems as though I just don't exactly feel like doing much of anything and when I do it's not what people think I should be doing.

I hit a milestone today with Miss Kitty. She has spent a good deal of the evening inside. Granted she still won't let anyone pick her up, but overall she's a good kitten. Even if she comes on strong to Tiny and Bounce who just runs away from her.

Well I forgot to mention this about my weekend.

There is something to be said for indoor flea markets. I love going to them! A plethora of unwanted junk that could very well be another person's treasure. So you have to go to Sweetwater, and find a place to park, but the never ending search for the perfect item is there.

I thought of you Erin when I saw a poster of Harry Potter...don't remember exactly what it looked like, but it wasn't like the posters that I've seen around here. Samurai swords for around 40 bucks...they are rather intimidating, but beautiful in the same sense. Personal fave place...the "China store" everything "Asian" is there. I love it. Granted I bought nothing, but found everything. HAHA

Now back to whatever I was doing...oh yeah moving CD's around.

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