Jan. 5th, 2005

celina80: (Piano Flower)
My Dad's going through boxes looking for his birth certificate and his military record. Even I wouldn't mind seeing those things actually. In his searching, he found an old tape of Ray Stevens. Priceless comedic music I think. So I took the tape to the living room and put it in the player, fast-forwarded it to my favorite song…nothing like hearing Mississippi Squirrel Revival and It's Me Again Margaret…classic comedy.

So after listening to those songs I remembered that I had another tape in the living room. It's got John Andersons' Swingin' on it. Song is nasal, and kind of funny. It's your classic example of twangy country beyond the verge of annoyance. But it's one of two that I like by him. Swingin' is a song that I had played throughout my childhood. When I was in clogging, it was the song that a routine was taught to. It's also a song that my Dad enjoys trying to dance too. It was bad then and it's worse now; especially since the knee replacements. It used to be a "shuffle strut jive" thing now it's well…I don't know. I guess it's something that would be considered along the lines of a "shuffle strut jive" but aged 20+ years.

He continues to find pictures of the 70's with my sister still being rather young and he tells me it's me. But these pictures have the dates printed on the backs of them…I just laugh and say "Dad that can't be me; I wasn't born yet. It's probably Mik." Plus I don't think I was ever a blonde as a child.

Just funny things are happening all around today.

I guess I should go get Tiny out of the filing cabinet now before he thinks that it's a personal home for him. Plus if Bounce gets in there, I'll have to get the "jaws of life" to get him out.

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