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After the seemingly endless week from hell, I think things are getting a bit better.

I've not heard from any of the places I've applied for. So much for help wanted right? But I am applying for a school position. Teaching Assistant.I think I would laugh if I actually got that.

I still have the kittens, but I'll be calling around all over the place come Tuesday morning. Then I'll be job hunting once again, as I try not to go work for Mickey D's.

I'll be 25 in about 11 days. Still hoping to have a job by then. And I'm also hoping to get back on some kind of diet again. I have a goal in mind and I've come to realize, that I'll never be stick thin. I do however want to be a size 14/16, from there I'll see how I feel. All I know is it has to be done by 2008 HAHA!!

This post has turned into a ramble....I'm ending it.

EDIT: My paid account ran out.

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